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Career Communities

Something I have been thinking about lately, an interesting typology of 7 career communities developed by Fulbright College of Arts & Science's Shane Barker, Director of the Advising, and Erica Estes, Employee Relations, in conjunction with O*Net

Big Data, Energy & Innovation

SECTORS / Big Data Analytics / Oil & Gas / Alternative Energy Sciences / Computer Programming / Research & Development

Professionals within this career community utilize mathematical reasoning and the scientific method to shape technological advances and affect change. It is common for careers within this career community to be involved in the development, maintaining, testing and evaluating solutions using predictive analytics or other advanced methods to extract value from data. These careers advance technology and science through computer programming, within oil, gas, and alternative energy industries, and participate in research and development in a wide range of industries.

Leadership & Entrepreneurship

SECTORS / Management / Public Administration / Start-Ups / Small Business Owners / Nonprofit Directors

Professionals within this career community bring the right combination of people and skillsets together to accomplish goals. Key skillsets for careers within this career community are having a strong understanding of people, ideas, management, organizational structure, finances and budgets in order to strategically influence others and create change. Positive attitudes, willingness to take risks, staying focused on the plan, and maintaining motivation to see it through are important qualities to success within Leadership & Entrepreneurship. Common tasks within these kinds of careers include planning, organizing, staffing, leading or directing, and managing an organization.

Social Impact & Sustainability

SECTORS / Nonprofit Service / Government / Community Development / Nontraditional Education / Sustainable Farming & Business Practices / Law Enforcement

Professionals working in Social Impact & Sustainability careers are often in roles that allow them to solve social problems, advocate for others, develop relationships with people, and improve the community. A key skill for this career community is to understand the human condition from multiple perspectives and disciplines in order to improve the quality of life for individuals or groups of individuals.

Strategic Information & Media

SECTORS / Marketing & Advertising / Public Relations / Graphic & Web Design / TV, Radio, Digital & Print Media / Policy / Sales

Professionals within Strategic Information & Media use language and images to communicate messages and persuade audiences. This community includes careers that focus on analyzing, promoting and executing communications and images about companies, organizations, brands, ideas and information. Common work roles include marketing, advertising, public relations, graphic and web design, TV, radio, digital and print media, public policy and sales.

The Creatives

SECTORS / Authors / Artists / Musicians / Actors / Designers

Professionals within The Creatives showcase their creative expression through various artistic forms, such as visual arts, creative writing, theatre, dance, and film. This career community requires strong skills in visual, literary, auditory and/or performing arts.

The Academy

SECTORS / Professorship / Researchers / Librarians

Careers within The Academy focus on creating and disseminating original knowledge, and empowering others to achieve educational outcomes. To be successful within your specific area of this career community, research your discipline and use your major, minor, electives, and personal development activities to develop a research agenda, curriculum vita and graduate school application that is worthy of the most elite graduate programs in your field.

Licensed Helping Professions

SECTORS / Law / Medicine / Dentistry / Optometry / Social Work & Counseling / K-12 Teaching

Professionals with this career community help others within the medical, social work, legal and educational fields by earning a license that will enable them to practice within their field. Licensed helping careers include doctors, physician's assistant, physical therapy, pharmacy, dentistry, optometry, occupational therapy, dental hygiene, counseling and social workers, lawyers, and licensed elementary and secondary teachers.

Source: J. William Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences Career Communities

I am curious what your thoughts are on this. Let's be in touch.

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