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Social Identity

Here is an assignment I have given in class as a way to help students visualize themselves in social contexts and express their social identity in a format likely to be more familiar to them...

Social Identity Collage:

Make a photo collage of your social identity and upload it here.

It must be uploaded as a picture file (jpeg, tiff, png), and it must incorporate your avatar (the same one you uploaded to the avatar introduction forum).

Also include visual images that represent your social roles, culture, social identities in terms of your family, school, hometown. The more obvious your application of sociological content, the more points of the 3 available that you will earn.

To build a collage, use a simple free and online collage maker, such as these:

Be sure to save the file as a picture. Do not upload a webpage.

Source: All images are courtesy of Google Images, other internet sites and avatar makers, or are students' own pictures.

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