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Social Theory in Student View

This semester I have been experimenting with creative ways for my students to work through social theory by onnecting more directly with their daily life. For their final group project assignment I asked them to make Youtube videos designed with the average Youtube viewer in mind. The dual goals were to create a video that was entertaining, broadly construed, and informative to someone without a prior background in social theory. Below are my simple written instructions to them, and copied below that are three of my favorite videos produced. Enjoy!

Group Created & Performed Youtube Video

The group presentation is to be a video recording of your group performing a skit designed to evidence a general website audience about the social theories you learned this semester. This is meant to be accessible by the average internet viewer, aka someone without any prior knowledge of sociology or social theories.

The group presentation video is meant to be both entertaining and informative. Entertainment comes in many forms, some humorous, some sad, some deeply ironically and sadly humorous (e.g. film noir). Use whatever form of entertainment works for your group, which may take some creative negotiating to suit all your styles.

Information can be portrayed in many forms. The one that is not acceptable is a simple reporting of the readings. This is a skit and must be acted out in some ways. How will depend upon the form of entertainment chosen, but do make sure to balance that with also accomplishing the task of educating the average internet viewer about social theory in a way they can understand without having done the readings or been part of our class discussions.

Keep it appropriate. We will watch it in class, and it will be a representation of this university.

Top Picks:

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