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Sociological Demotivators - By the students in my Social Theory class

As a way to engage students in thinking about the classical social theorists through mediums they are already accustomed to, I gave them a group assignment to come up with the spoof posters called "demotivators" which poke fun at the typical motivational posters hanging in most offices.

Their assignment was to come up with a "sociological demotivator" for each of the three classical theorists we have covered so far - Marx, Durkheim, Weber (we have not gotten to Simmel yet). They were to find an image (picture or comic) they thought fit well and attach it to a direct quote from each author. Some of the groups paraphrased the author instead, which I accepted as long as it still clearly evidenced knowledge of the theorist.

Below is what they created, which I compiled into a slideshow and formatted relatively similarly. Hilarious! I find students to be incredibly and refreshingly creative when given tasks that relate to their everyday experiences on social media.

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